5 Main Reasons Why the Summer is Ideal for Foundation Repair

5 Main Reasons Why the Summer is Ideal for Foundation Repair

24 Mar
5 Main Reasons Why the Summer is Ideal for Foundation Repair

Often, people ask when is the best time of the year for foundation repair. From the weather’s point of view, there isn’t any iota of doubt that the summer is the most appropriate time for the same. One needs to understand that there is almost nil or hardly any cloud cover during these months. That ensures the optimum penetration of light inside your house.

Do not forget that the rain comes immediately after the completion of the spring, once we step out of the cold season. Right at the outset of the rainy season, foundation problems begin. The heavy rains lead to visible damage to the concrete foundation. They make the existing cracks clearer. Then the foundation damage starts getting noticed once people begin to get into spring cleaning while preparing for the summer. During these months too, there is a possibility of heavy rains that can submerge your building’s foundation. Once it is concerned with your foundation repairs, the timing becomes crucial, particularly if there are any existing cracks.

That is why any concrete contractor will advise you that summers are the most ideal time to opt for foundation repairs.  Moreover, you need a favourable condition to work on the repairs.

Following is the Checklist for Foundation Repair–                    

Once the summer begins, it is necessary to conduct a summer assessment of your home’s foundation to detect any potential issues. The following is a simple checklist that will facilitate you:

  • Check if there is any symptom of water damage and leaks on the floor, in the basement walls, and ceiling.
  • Confirm that gutters are functioning smoothly enough.
  • Verify the tiles, carpeting, and wood floors for any symptoms of cracks, separation, cracks, or recessed ground
  • Check whether there are holes, crumbling, or cracks in the walls of your home that seem to be new. Observe them and do ensure you take the necessary actions.

The following are reasons why summer is the best time to make foundation repairs.

Feasible Soil

Nearly every custom concrete design and foundation repairs include some sort of excavation. The damp grounds and frozen soils during the cold weather and rainy season are prone to make the digging process more challenging. That’s why repairing foundation cracks can consume a lot of your precious time. The best part is that the soil is normally loose during summer and is convenient to dig.

Effortless Evaluations

The onset of summer signifies that the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. This lets the contractors and home inspectors complete the inspection quicker. That way, they can come to specific conclusions and strong suggestions as they are supposed to have a thorough and sound knowledge regarding the nature and intensity of the foundation problem.

Effective Treatments

The warm temperatures of summer will ensure that the entire basement waterproofing, concrete replacement, and repair solutions will be faster. There will be minimal or no water that can penetrate through the cracks and reopen them. Additionally, concrete slabs mostly cure faster and more appropriately during hot weather.

Convenient to Hire Contractors

Most contractors consume less time in winter and are fully occupied during fall. Moreover, summer provides the contactors with an excellent opportunity to get interested workers and hire a lot of people for the repair projects. Last but not least, summer is the time when a lot of students have leisure time and are seeking jobs. That’s why most of them will be willing to do some additional seasonal work for some extra money. Do not forget that getting a foundation repair company during summer implies that you are likely to avail yourself of a discount and quicker repairs.

Daylight Savings

Usually, summer days are longer and sunnier. As mentioned before, there is zero to negligible cloud cover during this season. Due to the maximum penetration of light inside your house, contractors can work quickly without bothering about either the freezing grounds or the moist grounds.


In this article, we have mentioned why summer is the most ideal time to plan for a foundation repair. But the perfect time to repair your foundation will depend a lot on the immensity of the damage. When you find that the problem is so severe, it necessitates urgent intervention irrespective of the season. However, if the repairs can wait, take full advantage of the hot summer months.

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