Leading Advantages & Disadvantages of Concrete Flooring

Leading Advantages & Disadvantages of Concrete Flooring

20 Apr
Leading Advantages & Disadvantages of Concrete Flooring

From your concrete foundation, it must have been evident to you that concrete is extremely solid and robust. It isn’t any surprise that it is widely applied to driveways and streets. Being a leading flooring material, it has all the toughness and resilience that is required of a highway. There is hardly any normal human who can either roughen or dent a concrete floor.

The best part is that with a custom concrete design you can also create an exclusive fashion statement. Included dyes and engraving proficiencies can turn grey, drilling concrete into your home’s main attraction. The overall cost may vary from quite an affordable rate of $2 per square foot to a comparatively expensive rate of $30 per square foot. Everything will depend on the finishes. So, the completion of the work makes a huge difference.

There cannot be any second thoughts about the heaviness of concrete. Whenever you’re putting in new concrete floors on grade for a flooring service in Los Angeles or elsewhere, the weight isn’t a major challenge. If you’re seeking the installation of concrete over a subfloor braced by joists; you’ll require the service of a structural engineer to ascertain whether your floor can bear the weight. Lightweight concrete could be an imminent solution.

In this article, we have identified a few benefits and shortcomings of concrete flooring that any concrete contractor will be aware of.

Advantages of Concrete Floors


Concrete is not infamous for exhausting natural resources. It needs less energy compared to other floor types to process and is made or poured locally. Concrete is suitable for indoor air quality as it obstructs fungus, mold, and odors. It contains no potentially harmful volatile organic compounds or VOCs and can be completed without any VOC sealers. The way concrete takes in warm and cool air reduces the urgency for heating and cooling. Most importantly, you can recycle concrete and the surface cuts down on the need to dispose of waste, like scraps of flooring and underlayment.

Warm Floors

For concrete sprayed over a current slab or for any new construction, there is always the option to add glowing floor heat. You can find that electrical cables or hot water tubes are fixed to the concrete to produce pleasant floors with a lot of warmth.

Less Maintenance

The very characteristics which concrete floors are so durable, they also make them convenient to care for. Appropriately sealed concrete floors momentarily eliminate grit, dirt, stains, spills, and hard impacts. A bit of sweeping and damp mopping is needed to maintain the newness and freshness of their appearances.

Attractive Design Options

Contemporary expertise for the completion of concrete has moved concrete floors from conventionally monotonous to luxurious. Including dyes while the wet concrete is blended processes concrete in a wide range of earthy colors. Surface treatments like concrete stains, acid stains, and paint made for concrete floors can convert dull concrete into an eye catchy, and unique finish. Moreover, concrete can be flattened with rubber stencils to provide it with texture. Mixed with suitable dyes or coloring agents, a completed concrete can resemble ceramic tile or a natural stone.

Disadvantages of Concrete Floors


You may appreciate it or don’t appreciate it; even proficiently installed concrete may develop cracks with time. That’s due to the huge area of a slab that needs to endure changes in moisture, temperature, and settling. Coloured cement pastes and patching materials facilitate concealing cracks.


In below-grade basements, moisture shifting up from below the slab may lead to the extreme dampness of the concrete and damage any surface treatments, like paint. Accurate sealing of the concrete becomes helpful, as is the lessening of any external problematic areas such as inadequate soil drainage and leaky gutters.


No one will disagree that concrete is hard underfoot. However, it is a feature that makes a few feel uncomfortable. It is even unforgiving. Do you expect a dropped glass to survive? It could be a major concern when there are little children or senior citizens in the household. Area rugs can be of some help to mitigate concerns.

Inference:- If you wish to know more about the pros and cons of concrete flooring then you may get in touch with a contractor experienced in custom concrete design in Los Angeles, CA, or other locations. It is better to determine whether it will be okay for you or not.

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